I’ve been a Patriots fan since before the Belichick/Brady era, but don’t think a QB can be considered the greatest athlete of all time.

This debate is fun, but it’s impossible to have. You can’t compare sports.

Here are a few athletes I think are on that list of Greatest of All Time. Simone Biles (she’s so much better than her competition that they had to make rules to make gymnastics more competitive), Serena Williams, Bill Russell, Usain Bolt, Muhammad Ali, Carl Lewis, Michael Johnson, Michael Jordan. They all had to face overt racism too, especially Russell and Ali. …

I didn’t want to write this or draw more attention to this reality show on Netflix, but many people have been asking about my skincare routine — I mean, my opinion of the show, and I also see it’s been in the top 10 of Netflix shows recently, so here we are. People are consuming the content. It is one of maybe 2/3 reality shows about Asian Americans in US media (there are more Asian, as in, from Asia, reality shows in US media). It’s important to gain perspective on the content people are consuming.

This won’t be as in…

There have been way too many situations where white folks do something racist, embarrassing, violent — white baseball fans calling Black players racist slurs, openly chanting white supremacist ideas in crowds, storming the US Capitol, killing people of color, mass shooting even other white people, committing other acts of terrorism, lynching Black people because they “looked at someone the wrong way”, etc.

These acts are frustrating, but what I also find frustrating is the chorus of white people who say things along the lines of “this is not who we are” in response to these acts.

Not only is this…

(originally written May 2020)

I am a photographer with extensive experience in creating impactful visual narratives. My boutique visual branding agency is trusted by clients (politicians, artists, public figures, companies, CEOs, and organizations, among others) to create imagery that will capture the best aspects of their personalities.

I got into photography for 3 major reasons:

  1. The idea of creating a painting with the press of a button was fascinating to me as a child, especially as someone who wasn’t very good at drawing or painting. …

I’ve had a complicated relationship with body image throughout my life. Especially with how Asian men have been historically dehumanized/emasculated by white people throughout US history and the history of US media, I’ve felt pressure to be fit/cut in order to be seen and valued for my full humanity. The ubiquitous messaging throughout US history has consistently been: “Asian men can only be valued for their technical intelligence in STEM fields, but only because they study all day and are indistinguishable, deindividualized academic machines with no social skills, creativity, innovation, artistic ability, leadership ability, and are unattractive and undesirable.” …

this won’t be as extensive as I could write on this topic, as it was only a fb comment, but I decided to put this here.

There was a recent post by someone I’ll keep anonymous out of respect. It was 5–8 paragraphs long explaining their good intent behind “I don’t see color” (some paragraphs were single sentences, so I don’t know if I should count those as paragraphs). I think he’s white, but I don’t know 100% for sure if he is. He’s white presenting.

I have over 100 mutual friends with this guy so some of you may…

I recently saw the NYT best sellers list for non-fiction. A lot of books on anti-racism are there, which is great to see, but saw that White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo is #1.

DiAngelo does great work, but it’s frustrating to me that because we live in racist society that values white people/lives telling the stories of poc more than poc talking about their own experiences, her book is #1 over works by Ijeoma Oluo, Ibram X. Kendi, Michelle Alexander, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Bryan Stevenson, Michelle Obama, etc.

I know many poc who could have written that book. …

Just Mercy is available to rent for free for the rest of June on rental platforms: iTunes, Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, Playstation, Microsoft, FandangoNow.

I’d highly recommend this film. It tells the story of Bryan Stevenson (pictured below), a lawyer who founded the Equal Justice Initiative, “committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.”

It’s a humanizing portrayal of people wrongly imprisoned and sentenced to death, and people who were guilty…

(compilation of various things I’ve written about these protests)

This is directed at the people who are very judgmental about protestors who aren’t “peaceful” and think they know what’s best. When in history have peaceful, non-disruptive, protests worked? (Serious question. Not rhetorical) MLK was assassinated and Black people are still being lynched/murdered without consequences by police/“the state.” Before he was assassinated he was repeatedly beaten mercilessly.

Kaepernick was peaceful and was ostracized by all NFL owners and his career is over.

Did the women’s march in 2017 result in any change?

How were those calm peaceful protests by white…

This was an overall enjoyable film. Important preface: I am not a lesbian, so I won’t understand the importance and significance of normalizing a lesbian love story on screen.

Here are a few reactions I had to the film (spoilers).

  1. The tension between Aster and Ellie when Aster seemed to realize that Ellie has been writing the letters and texts the whole time (reacting to brush strokes on Aster’s painting) was beautifully portrayed. I loved the scene of going to Aster’s “secret spot” and that “will something happen” tension. The driving scene was beautifully shot and I got the sense…

Christopher Huang

pro photographer who cares about the impact of imagery as any storyteller should christopherhuang.com, IG/FB: christopherhuang, christopherhuangphotography

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